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Uncomfortable Truths for the Rock Musician (in no particular order)

Guitarists – If you think your amp is “loud enough” it is TOO loud. If you think your amp is too loud, it’s WAY too loud. Guys - Although tempting, do NOT have sex with your bandmates. Especially the female singer, because that NEVER works out…EVER. Ladies – Same goes for you, remember for every Stevie Nicks, there is a Meg White. Guitarists/Bassists – If your axe covers your nipples you need to join a Fusion band instead. Guitarists – If you think your solo is “long enough” it is TOO long. If you think your solo is too long, then it is WAY too long. If you have to ask the crowd if they have “had enough yet”, they have. In the context of Rock music, the word “Bass” should almost NEVER be followed by the word “Chord” or the word “Solo” Drummers – Your kit does NOT have a volume knob (if only…). Remember this simple formula: Marshall Stack>Drums>Acoustic Guitar. The audience applauding loudly after you announce “This is our last song” is NOT a compliment. It’s hard to t