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Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

  ***NOTE This article is a throwback to the dimly-lit past of 2009. Please enjoy my post-post-post adolescent angst*** Lately, I’ve been thinking about the concept of change, and the repercussions of change.   Let me elaborate. I’m in a band. I formed this band with a guy I met on the Internet, through an online band classified ads site. We got together and wrote some songs, and although his words were very good, he admitted that his singing experience only went as far as karaoke. I figured that the more we played and practiced, the better he would become. Then as we gradually began to accumulate band members, and the volume got louder, it became clear, or rather it became clear to others that the singing was not progressing to the level of the music.   I would often explain the concerns of people who would hear the music as poor recording methods, which was true, or some other excuse. Last fall, we ventured into the recording studio, not a big, fancy studio, but a small digit